Parks & meadow orchards


Victoria Park
Just a few minutes walk from the old town, is Victoria Park with its mature trees, vast meadows, picturesque ponds and an extensive network of paths. It was designed as an English landscape garden and as surroundings to the historic monument of Emperor Friedrich III, which was unveiled in 1902. In 2001 it was renamed to Victoria Park. The park is characterised by its landscape design, the harmonious mix of open and closed spaces, the contrast between dark wooded areas and bright open meadows interspersed with creeks and ponds.

Quellenpark Kronthal
The Quellenpark Kronthal is a historical garden with mature trees, and it is part of the Rhine-Main regional park route “From the Nidda to the Opel Zoo” and has well-signposted footpaths and cycle tracks linking to Frankfurt and beyond.

The healing effect of the springs in the Sauerborn valley was already known in the 16th century. In the course of the town’s development as a health spa in the 19th century, the name Kronthal emerged, which survived even after the decline of the spa resort. Since 1872 the water has been marketed only, while buildings and equipment of the former spa facilities were left to ruin. The fundamental horticultural structures of the spa gardens, designed as an English landscape garden, have survived the changes throughout its history until today. The Rhine-Main regional park has implemented a number of measures with a view to restoring the historical gardens. Today the park with its picturesque setting boasts a small barbecue area, space for playing boules and certainly, the mineral springs.

Pastor Christ circular path
Meadow orchards are traditionally inseparable from Kronberg landscape. Near the Quellenpark Kronthal, the Pastor Christ meadow orchard presents itself as a “monument surrounded by nature”. It was erected as a memorial to Johann Ludwig Christ, who as a high pastor of the local Evangelical Lutheran congregation lived here from 1786 until his death in 1813 and who made Kronberg a centre of fruit growing in southern Hesse. A nature trail runs between old mirabelle plum trees and newly planted historical fruit varieties, with information panels describing milestones in the life of Pastor Christ and his manifold activities. A wild fruit path links them to the “experiential learning meadow orchard” laid out by the fruit and gardening association. With its various information and experiential learning stations it provides a wealth of facts on traditional fruit growing in Kronberg and its ecosystem. The site provides information on topics relating to local wildlife, and all the 40 varieties of fruits planted on the meadow are labelled.