Markets & Festivals

In Kronberg im Taunus, social events are of particular importance, and markets and festivals offer special opportunities to take part.

Kronberg Spring
The castle traditionally opens the season with its Easter exhibition two weeks before Easter on Saturday, and the Kronberg retail trade celebrates the “Kronberg Spring”, opening for trading on Sunday.

Oberhöchstadt Pottery Market
Professionalism, original nature and diversity are the selection criteria by the trade guild for the exhibitors of about 40 market stalls catering to all tastes on the 2nd Sunday of April: From modern home and kitchen accessories, decorative items and porcelain jewellery to tableware.

Strawberry Festival
In former times, Kronberg supplied Frankfurt and the region with “Kronberg strawberries”. The commemorative Kronberg strawberry festival is held on the 2nd Sunday of June, shops are open for trading on Sunday, and culinary offerings are provided with a focus on strawberries.

Kronberg Flea Market
In the old town of Kronberg and at Berliner Platz objects from private cellars and attics will be offered for sale at more than 200 market stalls on the 1st Sunday of July. Here you will find everything that you would expect to find at a genuine flea market. 

“Thäler Kerb”
The “Thäler Kerb“, the long-established street party in the historic town, is an opportunity not only for former Kronberg citizens all over the world to travel to Kronberg.

Art and Wine Market
Kronberg is the meeting place for regional artisans, artists and hobby artists, who offer their works for sale in the old town on the 2nd weekend of August. Winegrowers from the municipality of Guldental on the River Nahe serve wine, and a musical programme complements the market activities. Shops will also be open for trading on Sunday as part of this market event.

kronberg|er|leben – Autumn Market 2.0
Retailers, craftsmen, service providers, restaurant owners, companies and organisations present themselves on the 2nd weekend of September, allowing visitors to discover the diversity of Kronberg creativity and living. Many highlights for visitors both young and old turn the weekend into a lively festival organised by Kronberg citizens for Kronberg citizens and the region.

Kronberg Apple Market
Fruit growing enjoys a long tradition in Kronberg: The environmental department of the town, the fruit and gardening association and many other associations provide information and culinary offerings with a focus on apples, meadow orchards and a variety of environmental issues.

Autumn Fruits Festival
On the penultimate weekend of October, the Kronberg castle ends its season with the celebration of the Autumn Fruits Festival, with Kronberg retail traders opening for trading on Sunday.

Kronberg Christmas Market
The Kronberg Christmas market on the 2nd weekend of December is ranked among the largest and most beautiful markets of the region. More than 100 stalls are run by local Kronberg associations only, in the old town decorated with festive lights and at Berliner Platz.