The world capital of the cello
the town owes this reputation to the Kronberg Academy. Its workshops, festivals for string instruments and cello and violin masterclasses have prompted world-class soloists and highly talented young musicians from all over the world to play music together in Kronberg im Taunus. Public rehearsals and teaching classes demonstrate the enthusiasm with which mastery in music is taught and appreciated. “Mit Musik miteinander” (“Together with Music“), “Chamber Music connects the World” and, of course, the “Kronberg Academy Festival” in autumn, are among the particular highlights of the town‘s cultural offerings.

Baroque Night, Street Theatre, Culture Night and many more
The stage locations used by the Kronberg Arts Society in cooperation with other organisations for its events are as versatile as are its offerings: The civic centre, castle and cinema “Kronberger Lichtspiele” are venues for concerts and cabarets, literary and musical events are performed at Museum Kronberger Malerkolonie (Kronberg Artists‘ Colony Museum). Even the old town serves as a stage for the Arts Society at the International Street Theatre Festival and during the Kronberg Culture Night, run in cooperation with other cultural institutions of the town. 

Even the castle is a stage! The so-called “Burgzeit”, offering a varied programme set up by the castle association starts with its traditional Easter exhibition two weeks before Easter. During the following months there will be alternating lectures, concerts and readings such as the series of “Texte und Töne zur Teezeit” (“Text and sound at tea time“). The Autumn Fruits Festival held at the end of October marks the end of the castle stage use period. 

Great cinematic experiences 
are offered by the cinema Kronberger Lichtspiele. The film programme features the latest listings as shown in large multiplex cinemas, with state-of-the-art technical equipment, but apart from that Kronberger Lichtspiele provide a distinct contrast to the cinemas prevalent in this day and age. It is the intimate ambience, nowadays a rarity, that gives this cinema dating back to 1926 its unique charm. With its sophisticated programme, special events, readings, film series and live opera and ballet broadcasts, Kronberger Lichtspiele form part of the cultural venues in the Taunus.

Weekend organ recitals
Every Saturday evening there is a half-hour concert with free admission in the atmospheric Johanniskirche church: “Orgelmusik zum Wochenende” (“Weekend organ recitals“). Cantor Bernhard Zosel performs known and less well-known pieces of organ literature, occasionally accompanied by other musicians.